Moving this whole action around the board

Having established the DartSight Methodology action on the bullseye, we can now move that action around the board.

To practice on treble twenty, move the toggle to your toggle to target distance below treble twenty

Move the plumbline over for sixteen and adjust the toggle there

Or move it over to treble nineteen and adjust the toggle to target distance there.

And then over for fifteen

We can then move that over to treble seventeen because the toggle will still be in the same position as it was for nineteen

We can also go over for double sixteen

In each position, use that sequence to practice on that particular number, i.e., back position looking at the toggle, push forward; aim through the DartSighter, back position, looking at the toggle, push forward; and then aim, push forward seeing the toggle and the plumbline in your peripheral vision, and now you’ve got your action.